NEO Founder Da Hongfei in Blockchain 2020 Mentions Interoperability Tokenization and Adoption

Da Hongfei, the NEO founder, opined that in the current scenario, the world has to follow a pattern of de-globalization. He further stated that blockchain would be the technology that will bring back humanity together as a global community over again.

NEO Smart Economy Tweeted:  “Hongfei Da, founder of #Neo, delivered an online speech at the @BlockDownConf today. Hongfei talked about what blockchain needs to do to cure the post-pandemic syndromes the world will face.”

Blockchain is not backed by capitalism or socialism. Da called Blockchain “Idealogy agnostic” and furthered that with different nations having different financial concepts and ideals, blockchain will be the neutral ground to bridge those gaps.

Hongfei stated that it would not be possible for nations to recover by making use of their own infrastructure and supply chains after the pandemic.  Nations will try to defend themselves using the nationalism ideal. Still, blockchain will play the role of a host in enabling a global marketplace, allowing everyone to trade with everyone.

The global economy continues to get tied to fiat, and blockchain is not ready to immediately universalize the human economy on the blockchain. However, it can improve interoperability, tokenization, and adoption.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Interoperability, Tokenization, and Adoption as Da Hongfei, NEO founder states is the key to rebuilding humanity and global economy breaking past the nationalistic ideals.”

NEO Founder on Cross-Chain Protocol

In the Blockchain 2020 online presentation, Hongfei assured that audience that Neo Global Development (NGD) representatives in Shanghai, Seattle, Zurich, and Seoul are healthy before he touched upon the issues.

Pragmatism is the path forward because, as opposed to binary choices, we will be looking at the multivariate spectrum of adoption on-chain, centralized, permissionless, off-chain, decentralized, and permissioned.

Da also spoke about NEO3 and its flagship…

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