NBX Review: Norway’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) has established itself as a pioneer in digital coin trading and offers top tier crypto trading services. NBX has is one of the leading crypto exchanges in Norway, with a marketplace that empowers crypto selling and buying not only for Norwegian citizens but also for international investors.

NBX Overview

At present, NBX’s offices are located in 3 areas, which are Oslo (Norway), Halifax (Canada) and Riga (Latvia). NBX was launched with the aim to establish a speedy and reliable exchange that is able to help build the Norwegian crypto industry – and bring it closer to the international market.

In order to build a sustainable ecosystem, NBX focuses on security, compliance, and integrity. At the same time, NBX has made strides to connect cryptos with daily life.

To make crypto use a part of everyday spending NBX has successfully attached crypto trading with purchasing flight services thanks to a reward system. “Trade and Fly” is the slogan of NBX, which represents its accomplishments and its hopes to build customer loyalty over the longer term.

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The Platform

NBX understands the demand for reliable crypto trading platforms and has continually worked to create a great exchange that is easy to use for both new and experienced investors.

NBX Dashboard
NBX Dashboard

Simple Registration

With a quick and non-restricted registration process, NBX welcomes both Norwegian customers as well as foreign traders. Opening a new account on NBX is super easy.

If you are 18 years or older, the platform only requires you to input an email address and password to sign up. After a few minutes, an email is sent to verify the new account, then it’s all done.

Users can then log in to discover tons of amazing features without any constraints.

To start trading, users will have to complete an additional step to verify their identity and set up 2-factor authentication. NBX likes 2FA because it helps its clients to have more safety for their accounts.

Supported Assets


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