Navigating The South African Crypto Currency Scene

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In light of the 21-day lockdown in South Africa recently, many of us will now be severely constricted in terms of our regular social activity. However, choosing to look at the silver lining reveals that it will also free up some valuable time. Perhaps to curl up with that book you promised yourself you would finish, or even better, invest in some personal growth and development. Given the circumstance of the global economic climate, a hot topic that many will find themselves diving into is cryptocurrency and blockchain.

A study carried out by Statista that investigated the popularity of cryptocurrency around the world, placed South Africa in the top five countries globally. Furthermore, many South Africans have become trailblazers in the space with the likes of Ricardo “fluffypony” Spagny, Ran Neuner, Vinny Lingham and Simon Dingle, all achieving global success and recognition, just to name a few.

But what about the newcomer to the space?

This article aims to lead you down the best path to achieving your goals and interests. It is based on my 3+ years as a retail investor, trader, employee and now co-founder of a company within the crypto and blockchain realm. From investors and traders to businessman and the plain-old curious, this list should assist you no matter which category you find yourself in.


One of the great things about crypto assets and blockchain is the abundance of high quality and freely available knowledge on platforms just like this. However, be cautious of armchair experts and stick to more credible and recognized sources as seen below:

A16Z Crypto Cannon:

 Andreesen Horowitz is a highly renowned California based venture capital fund, formed by two titans in the technology industry, who contributed to a large part of the success of the internet as we know it today. They have selflessly compiled a list of resources you can find here. It is not necessary to go through every article, just what…

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