Navigating the Parity Ethereum Client “OpenEthereum DAO” Transition

Parity Technologies, the once Ethereum-centric firm behind the popular Parity client for Ethereum, announced this week it was looking to transition away from continuing to directly maintain that eponymous client.

The move comes as the company has been increasing the amount of resources it dedicates to its own in-house blockchain project, Polkadot, in recent months. It also comes after tensions between some in the Ethereum community and some in the wider Parity ecosystem grew more strained this year.

In the transition’s announcement post, Parity said it was becoming harder to allocate the labor needed to maintain its client.

“We spend an unfortunately large amount of time on relatively mundane maintenance work that could be better done by others,” the firm said.

Continuing on, the Parity team added that it has reached a point where justifying its continued maintenance of its Ethereum client had become a challenge:

“Indeed, Parity is increasingly unable to dedicate the level of resources required for even simple maintenance of this project. As we move to a multi-chain future based on technology that is far more modular, maintainable and interoperable, we find it increasingly difficult to explain to our stakeholders why it makes sense to dedicate our expertise to maintaining legacy technology.”

Enter the OpenEthereum DAO

So that the Parity codebase is not left by the wayside, Parity declared plans to help foster a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, that could take over maintenance duties for the client.


Dubbing that new organization as “OpenEthereum,” Parity hailed the shift as a rebirth:

“To support this outcome, we are planning to move Parity Ethereum codebase to a DAO made up of the developers and organizations who depend on our technology and who will take over maintenance. In essence, the ‘Parity Ethereum’ project will be reborn as a new, decentralized project: we’d like to call that project OpenEthereum.”

The firm explained that…

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