Nano Blockchain Multiple Lighter Wallets make it Easier to Have Wallet than Ever Before

In a recent development update, Nano spoke about how the PoW difficulty has increased. Nano is considered to be the best second layer for BTC.

Nano tweeted:  “In the countdown to our V21 #Athena release, find out about the upcoming work difficulty updates and how we plan to:  Increase send and change blocks by x8.  Reduce receive blocks to 1/8th of current work levels.”

They consider it is important to implement a difficulty increase now.  Their goal, for now, is to tune the difficulty of improving network protection; thereby, maintaining a reasonable effort level for average services and users on the network.

Multiple changes are expected to be involved over time.  The existing changes are focused to provide short-term protection.  The longer-term research strategies are researched, designed, and implemented.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “A lot of talks have been happening about Nano Wallets recently.  They are good for use on phone, desktop, browser, and in some cases in cross-chain platforms. Lot of options to choose wallets.”

Nano – Multiple Wallets

The Nano Education blog elaborates on light wallets, seed, and lot more. Multiple wallets ease the process of making use of the Nano network as intended, in terms of sending and receiving transactions. used to be the first experience with a light wallet.

Having multiple wallets is a good thing.  In a distributed wallet it is possible to interact with the network from different wallets by using the same seed.  Therefore, when someone’s favorite wallet is down for maintenance, it is possible to use another one.

The good thing is that the light wallet can be based on the mobile or on the web.  It can he used with a third party node to interact with the Nano network.  The block creation and signing typically happen on this web locally and natively so that the wallet provider’s server will not be able to see the private keys of the users.

In several light wallets, the…

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