NAGA launches new crypto exchange platform NAGAX

NAGA launches new crypto exchange platform NAGAX

Fintech company NAGA has announced the launch of its crypto/fiat exchange following a comprehensive beta phase.

NAGAX’s closed beta version started running on November 2 and was only available to existing NAGA customers. The newly launched platform supports major cryptocurrencies as well as NAGA’s native currency – the NAGA Coin.

According to NAGA Group CEO Benjamin Bilski, NAGAX provides “super-fast execution and a very user-friendly interface on web and mobile screens.”

In an interview with Altcoin Magazine, Executive Director of the NAGA Group Yasin Sebastian Qureshi said NAGAX is one of the fastest in the world with an ability to process as much as 10 million transactions per second.

All NAGA products are fully connected to the NAGA Wallet via a single sign-on access—and thus to the entire NAGA Ecosystem in a PayPal-like manner,” Qureshi said.

NAGAX is fully integrated into the company’s social investing network, called NAGA Trader, which boasts of over 500,000 traders worldwide. It is also linked to its own cryptocurrency wallet, the NAGA Wallet, which supports major cryptocurrencies, all ERC-20 tokens, and the NAGA Coin.

“With the launch of NAGAx finally the vision of a trading platform across all asset classes is complete,” Bilski said. “NAGAx offers super-fast execution and a very user-friendly interface on web and mobile screens. Through NAGA users can exchange fiat to crypto or even crypto to gaming items with one single account.”

For the first 3 months, NAGAX is offering zero fees. After which, an 8-tier fee system will be introduced. But if the NAGA Coin mode is activated, users can save as much as 50% of the fees if a transaction is paid using NAGA Coins.

All in all, we are convinced that people will gradually understand the power and uniqueness of NAGA and all of its interconnected applications and the ultimate utility for NAGA Coin as the most versatile cryptocurrency for stock trading,” Bilski added.

Meanwhile, NAGA revealed on Tuesday that it will soon add another tool to its ecosystem. The NAGA Signal aims to provide users the best and certified signals on the market available for users to copy.

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