Mysterious Turing-Based Nvidia MX GPU Appeared In the Benchmarks

The MX150 amazed everyone by its capable graphics performance when we speak of slim and light laptops. However, a mysterious Turing-based Nvidia MX GPU appeared in benchmark tests.  The MX150 stands on very secure grounds as it not only performs good but also has no rivals. Not only this, but the MX150 also had slight overclocking capabilities. This is relevant information as most thin laptops go through many compromises with emphasis on weight and slimness only. The same architecture was also present on the later MX250, MX330, and even MX350 as this is based off the same architecture as the GTX1050.

Recently Nvidia also launched the GeForce Super GPUs for notebooks. While we saw the RTX 2080 and 2070 Super are available for the mobile segment on the Asus TUF Series, it looks like Nvidia is getting its hands dirty on something else as well. We may just have another Turing-based GeForce  Mx series GPU on its way. The only evidence that has surfaced so far is a 3DMark database dug up by  _Rogame. The details in the leak show the new MX GPU will be using the TU117 architecture. It will pack 2gb of GDDR6 running at 10Gbps with a base clock of 540MHz. The tweet also followed up with a screenshot revealing details about the system it was running on.

The test bench consisted of a Comet Lake Core i7 10510U CPU while the MX GPU name listed as “Generic VGA”. This may be the case as the UL database has yet to be familiar with the new Turing-based GPU chip. Apart from this, there is no additional information regarding the specifications. Nvidia has yet to confirm the existence of this new Turing-powered GeForce MX GPU. In the meantime, there is debate as to what mobile GPUs will debut for notebooks next. The emphasis of this debate hint towards the RTX 2060 Super or the new supposed replacement for the current GeForce MX350. All we can do is lean back and wait for more leaks or official news from the Green team.