MyEtherWallet will offer 1 million ‘.crypto’ blockchain domains

  • MyEtherWallet recently partnered up with Unstoppable Domains to start offering .crypto domains.
  • New domains will become available soon, and they will be decentralized, and distributed via smart contracts.
  • Companies also wish to deliver them to websites, which will help fight the milder forms of online censorship.

Thanks to a recent partnership between MyEtherWallet and Unstoppable Domains, wallet users will soon get a special opportunity. The new opportunity is to buy ‘.crypto‘ domains, which are completely uncensorable.

At the same time, Unstoppable Domains wishes to increase awareness of the decentralized domains’ existence. A partnership with the Ethereum wallet app, MyEtherWallet, is actually a great way to do so.

New domains arriving soon via Ethereum smart contracts

The announcement of the integration with the wallet app came only yesterday, April 23rd. It will help the domain provider to access 1 million monthly users of the wallet. Interestingly enough, Unstoppable Domains referred to MyEtherWallet as a domain registrar. This is usually the name for firms that are reselling domains.

However, since this is a blockchain space, rather than the traditional internet, things are a bit different. For example, the wallet is the one who has custody od the domains tied to it. No other company or centralized entity can handle them. As such this makes the situation different from what happens with traditional domain registrars.

With the partnership between the two companies, the Unstoppable Domains managed to base the .crypto domain on Ethereum’s smart contracts. The contracts will be the ones that will actually assign the domains and look up different addresses.

The concept is pretty similar to ENS, which is distributing .eth domains, although those are two separate services. The new .crypto domains can be tied to the wallet as well, which would allow people to send funds to addresses that even humans can read.

.Crypto domains against…

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