My stance on Ethereum, ProgPoW, and the ASIC Question

I feel compelled to write. As PoW Cryptocurrency mining is a great passion of mine(You can read my story how I started here). I’ve spent hours, days, months, tending to my Cryptomining farm ran out of my garage. I’d sit, turn on Iheart Radio to ’80s/90’s classic rock, then start my work on the farm. After work I would come home to tweak settings, restart crashed rigs, and play with them. Forever seeking that elusive golden hash to watt ratio. I’d spend hours on my weekends fixing or problem solving troubled rigs. At my day job, I would spend lunch hours devoted to finding the best BIOs modification for AMD RX GPUs or some tricks/tips others may have found.

RX5700’s Mining ETH

I tell friends and family, new acquaintances, people I’ve just met at the bar, and girlfriends that I’m cryptomining. “What’s that?” so, I’d pull out my phone show them pictures, videos, or in person show them my farm. I’d say “It’s basically a ton of graphics card, computers, that solves an algorithm supporting a decentralized network and I earn money” They are all stunned. “Wow, that’s amazing”. They ask me all sorts of questions and I’d roll into stories about it all.

I take to online forums or discords helping others who are new to the space with settings, problems, what the best GPU to mine Ethereum or other PoW cryptocurrencies with.

My personal Ethereum Mining Farm, shutdown as of 2020

It’s because of those interactions and my own drive, that I am remarkably passionate about Ethereum and PoW mining. Because it was Ethereum that onboarded me back into the cryptomining sphere in mid 2017 when I dropped out in 2014 due to cryptos being solely dominated by ASICs. If Ethereum was just a PoS coin or another ASIC coin, I never would have even bothered. Ethereum PoW GPU mining gave me a chance to participate in the ecosystem and share it with others. My passion lies with computers, technology, and hands-on with the hardware. Being able to GPU mine…

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