Most Influential Women in Blockchain

The disparity in involvement by gender has plagued the blockchain and crypto space. However, this seems to be changing, albeit gradually. In 2018, of the total number of people engaged in the Bitcoin community, only a little over 5 percent were women. Today, this number lies at 12.28 percent.

(Source: Google Analytics)

While this is still low compared to the tech sector (where women hold 20 percent of total jobs in the industry), the industry is working to tackle gender inequality and make the industry more inclusive.

According to a 2019 Grayscale report, an overwhelming majority (93 percent) of women said they would be open to investing in digital assets if they had increased access to educational resources. In fact, although women lack familiarity with Bitcoin, 47 percent of female investors feel a strong sense of urgency about it and agree that now is the right time to invest.

Leaders are working to create more awareness and education to attract more women to the industry, and help risk-averse women understand the opportunity and potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.

Many qualities of digital currencies resonate with women, and comprehensive awareness campaigns can help highlight these. For instance, because there is no minimum required amount of investment in Bitcoin, investors can freely invest as much or as little as they want and still benefit from whatever they can afford.

investment in Bitcoin
(Source: Grayscale)

Well-designed and proficient awareness or educational campaigns can help harness the interest that women have in the digital asset class and channel it to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, the Bitcoin space is gradually becoming less male-dominated. Multiple events (like Mogul’s ‘Women in Crypto’) and organizations (such as the Women in Blockchain Foundation) are pushing to get more women involved in the sector.

Such events have had a significant impact. Several female trailblazers have emerged as leaders in the space – they are…

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