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The team at Orbs officially announced the listing of the ORBS token on KuCoin exchange recently. This strategic partnership enables users the ability to trade ORBS/BTC and ORBS/USDT on KuCoin.

The move is part of Orbs-developed partnership development plan, alongside other announcements of Orbs staking support on Bithumb exchange and Moonstake wallet.

Founded in 2017, Orbs operates as blockchain services with a team of 60 employees.

The company provides blockchain infrastructure based on specific customer needs and builds a public ecosystem.

KuCoin Lists Orbs

The DeFi marketplace gained remarkable popularity as many valuable projects are growing up at the same time. Orbs is one project that demonstrates promising long-term growth potential.

Issued on the Ethereum platform, Orbs is a cryptocurrency token providing blockchain infrastructure as its core service. The blockchain is on a mission to build a solid foundation for mass usage applications in accordance with their business and technology requirements.

All blockchain-based platforms and tokens share one common goal: to create practical solutions that serve our needs and Orbs is not an exception. Orbs focuses on solving some existing issues within the blockchain economy, including low scalability, poor liquidity, and high gas fees.

What is Orbs All About?

The Orbs protocol is designed to solve the current disadvantages regarding the scalability of many blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

It has also created the Liquidity Nexus, which makes liquidity easier to access, and less expensive for the entire ecosystem.

Along with low fees, scalability, and a consistent fee structure, Orbs the Orbs protocol uses a Randomized Proof of Stake (RPoS) mechanism which allows a speedier transactions’ confirmation and a more secure network.

In addition, Orbs applies Virtual Chains technology (virtual chain) to fix the problem of system congestion through flow division.

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