Monero and Dash are well Suited to buy Cannabis in Canada says eToro Analyst

In October this year, Canada became the second nation to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. But  Marijuana is still illegal in most other countries which raises privacy concerns for Canadian Cannabis users.

The transaction information of Canadian Cannabis users is sensitive because that data can be used by other countries where Marijuana is illegal to target them and or deny entry. By using centralized institutions such as banks users put their data at risk.

The Canadian Privacy Commissioner recently released a document to address some of the concerns of the Cannabis users and provide guidance on privacy. The document warns users not to provide personal information that is more than necessary, it also mentions how user data could be leaked outside of Canada with the use of cookies on websites

One more area where the user data could be leaked is payment information. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada encourages Cannabis users to use cash to purchase Marijuana instead of Credit cards.

The document mentions: “If you are concerned about using your credit card, and the option is available, consider using cash to purchase cannabis.”

The Utility of Privacy Coins

The early use case for Bitcoin was on the silk road to buy drugs, but that use case is no longer viable due to the transparent nature of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Privacy-focused Cryptocurrencies like Monero provide this feature by being fungible and having untrackable addresses on the Blockchain.

Senior analyst at eToro, Mati Greenspan sees this as a perfect use case for Privacy centric Cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Dash.

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Blockmanity’s Take

Due to the higher demand for marijuana and increased awareness of privacy among Canadians, there is a good chance for Cryptocurrency adoption in Canada.

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