Monash Uni widens blockchain research scope with new centre

Monash University associate professor Joseph Liu has been appointed as the director of the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre.

Image: Supplied/Monash University

Monash University has launched a research centre dedicated to blockchain that will see different faculties within the university and its international partners in the Asia-Pacific region develop and demonstrate the usability of blockchain technology.

The Monash Blockchain Technology Centre (MBTC) will be headed up by Monash University associate professor Joseph Liu as director, who explained to ZDNet that the creation of the MBTC comes off the back of a blockchain research lab that already exists within the university’s faculty of IT.

“We have a blockchain research lab that was established two years ago. But the research lab is just an internal research lab within the IT faculty, and we found that blockchain is not just restricted to IT,” he said.

“This technology can be applied to many disciplines such as digital health, smart energy, supply chain, or fintech. That’s why we want to create a cross interdisciplinary platform at the university level, not just a faculty level.”

According to Liu, within the internal research lab, the university has already developed a blockchain cryptocurrency for fintech firm CollinStar Capital called Hcash, and will use the learnings from that to apply the technology elsewhere.

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Liu said the IT faculty will now work with affiliate members from other faculties including engineering, law, medicine, and business, as well as international partners such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and CollinStar Capital to look at ways in which blockchain technology can be applied.

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