MoAfrika – Africa’s Biggest Online Tour Operator now Accepts Bitcoin

PRESS RELEASE. With relaxed restrictions on lockdown measures in numerous countries around the world, Africa has opened her doors to tourists on both national and international levels yet again – albeit with strict health regulations to ensure the safety of all personnel and visitors.

Africa’s largest online tour operators, MoAfrika, offers tourists from around the world the opportunity to travel the length and width of the gorgeous African continent by making use of its unique tour offering, now with an added advantage.

MoAfrika now supports payment in Bitcoin so tourists, regardless from where they are or where they wish to go, have the advantage of putting their Bitcoin to use in paying for their holiday while having assurance that they will get the best service possible.

MoAfrika has more than 15 years of combined experience in South African tourism and offers tourists with staff consisting of a young and ambitious team in ensuring that tourists have an unforgettable experience when booking through this tour operator.

All tours are ecologically friendly and MoAfrika is accredited by the Southern African Tourism Services Association, or SATSA, which is a strict regulator in the tourism industry in ensuring that members provide the best quality of services in the industry.

When considering that the world is moving more towards digitalization, the acceptance of Bitcoin is merely one of many things that MoAfrika employs to ensure that tourists have comfort and convenience at their fingertips whenever they make a booking online.

The advantage of Bitcoin as a payment method

Bitcoin is the most popular and valued cryptocurrency which has seen substantial widespread acceptance around the globe. With more merchants now accepting Bitcoin in South Africa, it has made transactions so much easier and faster.

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is not limited in the same way that fiat currencies are, and in addition, it is free of…

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