MintDice Innovates on Crypto Gaming with Unique Investment Options

Sep 07, 2019 at 10:32 // News

It can be a thrilling ride in the cryptocurrency industry, with striking innovations through which everyday people can interact with the new digital assets. One such sensational innovation is the online Bitcoin casino industry, which in many ways mirrors the online traditional gambling industry, but with vast under-the-hood improvements.

Still, the bar is set ever higher for crypto-based casinos.Bitcoin casino MintDice is an up and coming betting platform aiming to challenge the norm by introducing new facets of
provably fair betting and investing to instill trust and open up more investment opportunities to gamers, which in turn will bring new experiences to gamers.

Crypto casinos are still a relatively new subset of the cryptocurrency industry. Notwithstanding the growing rate at which gamers patronize these betting platforms, the user experience is seldom at optimum. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies provide utmost privacy and makes it the preferred currency by more and more gamers, one important element seemingly lacking is a level of trust between gamers and virtual casinos. MintDice will focus its resources on using the blockchain’s transparent and immutable qualities to bridge this gap. 

Unlike other crypto casinos, MintDice offers a world-unique opportunity for investors to leverage its services to make stable ROI. And for players, there’s a good reason they’ll always come back: the ratio of house win to players’ are well balanced to help better favor the players. 

The overall advantage MintDice brings to the industry is a focus on gamers, and this is already beginning to let them reap the benefits. MintDice CEO Bryce notes that even within a short time of being operational, the site’s value proposition is recognized and attracting users. He explained: 

“We are relatively new to the scene in what seems like a…

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