Mining Ethereum (ETH)- Which Software Stands Out as a Winner?

Mining crypto is like looking out for the blocks on the ledger of blockchain with the help of computing power of a mining device and electricity. Ethereum mining involves operating system, miner’s experience, and knowledge, and the software used for the mining process. Although in comparison to other cryptocurrencies, ETH is easy to mine, but it needs a specific type of mining software.

Mining of Bitcoin BTC can’t be done using a normal processor, whereas mining ether is possible with a normal processor. ETH can be extracted with the help of GPU platforms, whereas when it comes to Bitcoin, it is not possible. Initially, mining of ETH was possible with a normal CPU, but now a solid GPU is a must. Another point that should be kept in mind while mining ether is that it can’t be mined with a Mac operating system. After this little brush up of the mining background about ETH, let us now move to the software that is best for this purpose.

 Which Software and Tool are the best for ETH mining?
  1. ALS Ethereum Claymore software-

Many praises have been sung about ALS Ethereum Claymore software. It is considered to be the most solid application and offers all in one feature.

  1. Multiminer-

With Multiminer you can swap mining equipment that includes ASICs, FPGA between various cryptocurrencies such as LTC, BTC and so on.

  1. Moving on to Easyminer-

It is an open-end GPU backed software. You can use BTC, LTC, ETH and many other cryptocurrencies on it. It supports miners, cudaminers, ccminers, cgminers, and ASIC mining. It is compatible with SHA – 256, Ethereum, Zcash, Scrypt and X11 mining algorithms. You can also find Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash mining contracts from Nicehash to boost your hash power.

It is an open source graphic software that offers you a strong central mining management functions. It also miner support for more than 25 mining engines that includes cgminer, bfgminer, xmrig, srbm, sgminer and so on.

  1. Geth-

It is a command line tool which has several purposes. It runs…

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