Microsoft Files Patent For New Cryptocurrency and Mining System

Microsoft wants to create a new cryptocurrency that’s still mined using PoW–except replacing expensive power-intense mining rigs with basic human energy. If that sounds a little strange, you should take a dive deep into the details of the patent published yesterday filed by Microsoft. It’s called: “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.”

Microsoft’s Human-Mined Cryptocurrency – Creepy or Cool?

According to the patent, Microsoft’s cryptocurrency would make use of body activity data. This would allow individuals to mine crypto and replace the need for ASICs

It sounds a little other-worldly and, honestly, borderline creepy. But if you can get past the idea of wiring humans up to some kind of server tracking their energy output, it could be a sustainable way of mining crypto without damaging the environment.

So, how does it work? As per the patent, Microsoft states that ‘human body activity’ needed to mine cryptocurrency could be very simple. We’re not talking about forcing tribes of gym-goers to run 20k here. In fact, it could be as little as:

a brain wave or body heat emitted from the user when the user performs the task provided by an information or service provider, such as viewing an advertisement or using certain internet services, can be used in the mining process.

Mining Crypto While Watching Ads

The document goes on to say that this type of activity would replace the “massive computation work” currently required by some conventional cryptocurrency systems. This is because the data that is gathered from the body activity could be regarded as Proof of Work:

therefore, a user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously. 

The patent states that certain tasks would reduce or increase computational energy accordingly, depending on how much activity they generate. The cryptocurrency system using human body activity data would most likely work through a server giving a command to a wearable device.

Body activity…

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