Microsoft & Enjin Team Up to Launch Special Edition Minecraft NFTs

Microsoft and Enjin have launched a special Edition NFT collection to celebrate the 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science in the Azure Space Mystery educational game.

An extension of Azure Heroes, a program aimed to recognize and reward contributors to the Azure platform, the NFTs will be usable by Minecraft players to unlock new quests in MyMetaverse, one of the most popular Minecraft servers.

Users can obtain these limited NFTs by playing the Azure Space Mystery educational game, which will reward participants with the tokens for saving the International Space Station (ISS) with the help of important European female scientists by solving code challenges and technical skills.

By playing the game, participants will not only be improving their coding skills but also learning about the importance of four female scientists that welp advance scientific inquire in areas like math, aerodynamics, and astronomy.

Similar systems have been implemented by other projects to recognize its users for achievements and participation, providing them with badges and unique recognitions for taking an active role in the community.

Japanese Government Whitelists Enjin

Enjin Coin (ENJ) has become the first gaming cryptocurrency to be whitelisted by the Japanese government after being approved by the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA).

The authorization by the regulatory body will allow the token to be listed on Coincheck, one of Japan’s most popular exchanges, on January the 26th.

Japan is one of the most influential countries when it comes to the technology and gaming industries, which makes the country a perfect match not only for blockchain technology but also for any gaming project.

Enjin’s CEO, Maxim Blagove, referred to Japan’s relevance in the industry by stating:

“From Super Mario to Pokémon and Final Fantasy, Japan is home to pioneering games that hold a lasting place in pop culture. We believe some of the world’s best blockchain games will…

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