MicroBT Launches 3 New WhatsMiner M30 Series Miners Ahead of The BTC Reward Halving

Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) miner manufacturer and Bitmain’s rival – MicroBT – has just launched 3 new WhatsMiner crypto mining machines, the company’s COO, Jianbing Chen announced during a conference on Friday.

The machines are WhatsMiner M30S+, M30S++, and M31S+. Chen said he believes that the market of BTC mining hardware is now entering a 3X increase.

Chen also mentioned that WhatsMiners’ new features include a lower ratio of power consumption, higher stability, and a 1-year warranty.

Recently, MicroBT made a statement that the WhatsMiner M30 series’ power consumption will be lower than 50W/T (watts per terahash), which would help BT miners with a high gross margin.

600,000 WhatsMiner M20 Units Sold Last Year

During the same event, Chen talked about the sales numbers at MicroBT, saying they company sold in 2019 600,000 WhatsMiner M20 units, which is double from the 2018’s number of 300,000 WhatsMiner M3 units sold.

It seems the 2019 figure was higher because the BTC’s network computing power was 35% that year, whereas, in 2018, it was only 9%.

These new WhatsMiner machines are being launched just before BTC’s third halving from May, which sees BTC regards reduced from 12.5 to 6.25BTC. [Will they launch before Bitmain’s new models?] The machines will be extremely helpful for miners who are already updating their rigs for the halving.

Prices Are Quite Reasonable

The head of sales at MicroBT, Vincent Zhang, said, at launch, that the price for the WhatsMiner is $1,962, whereas the M30S+ and the M30S++ cost $2,740 and respectively $3,899.

Since there have been price cuts, Bitmain has also refunded its customers who pre-ordered at a higher price, according to company policy for the past years.

Zhang also mentioned that MicroBT is trying to enforce a similar policy, which involves the customers placing pre-orders at higher prices than the retail ones, only to be compensated in cash coupons upon the delivery of the machines.

The coupons will be redeemed…

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