Michael Vick Doesn’t Deserve Pro Bowl Honors

  • Michael Vick was named an honorary captain for this year’s NFL Pro Bowl.
  • Vick’s inclusion angered many fans. It has led to several petitions being created at Change.org, demanding the NFL retract the honor.
  • Vick shouldn’t be a Pro Bowl captain, but it’s not because of his dog-fighting scandal.

It may seem hard to believe sometimes, but the NFL does occasionally try to do the right thing. We’ll never know for sure, but the league may have meant well when it set up the workout for Colin Kaepernick.

But to many NFL fans, no defense or explanation can justify naming Michael Vick an honorary captain for the Pro Bowl this year. Yes, he was an exceptional player in his prime, but he isn’t remembered most for playing football – but for his criminal dog-fighting ring.

As could be expected, many fans are angry and are demanding the NFL retract the honor.

Petitions, Petitions, and More Angry Petitions

Last week, the NFL announced that the honorary captains for the Pro Bowl this year would be Terrell Davis, Darrell Green, Bruce Smith and Michael Vick. It didn’t take long for the first petition to pop up on Change.org, demanding the NFL remove Vick as Pro Bowl captain.

This one created by Aladdin Nation has 180,000+ supporters. Another one that was started by Joanna Lind has 250,000+ supporters, and various others have accrued around 10,000 signatures.

michael vick dog-fighting petition nfl pro bowl
More than 250,000 people have demanded that the NFL retract Michael Vick’s Pro Bowl honors. | Source: Change.org

The message on each was essentially the same: Michael Vick’s involvement in the illegal dog-fighting ring should block him from receiving any NFL honors.

They don’t care that he served 18 months in federal prison of the 23-month sentence he received. The work he has done since in support of the Humane Society and an anti-dog fighting bill means little. They just remember all the harm he did to so many dogs.

While many petitions were calling for his removal, other NFL fans still support Vick. They…

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