Metaverse: The Bridge Over NFT To Integration

You can now go to a museum in Japan to experience moving digital art. You can also go to a digital platform like Somnium Space, or Superworld, to experience further digital rabbit holes.

Something has been cooking in Helsinki, Finland for a while now though, and we are finally ready to show the world the first snippet of it.

At the VESA metaverse studio putting the floor down yesterday at Coloro

So what is now possible?

What you couldn’t yet do, up until yesterday:

  • Go to a physical immersive crypto art space, in which you can podcast about, sit on, and buy digital art, made physical, that comes with #NFT certificates.
  • Be guided to buy digital NFT art, on display via digital screens
  • Have the physical representations come alive via AR apps, so you can watch mini-docs about the art, as well as watch their still representations come alive
  • Become art yourself, via a bodypainting, stills, video, and psychological process titled Artevo, which is then transformed into multi-disciplined digital NFT & physical art.
  • Sit on an art couch, put on VR glasses, and go experience the various rabbit holes created by and on the already existing digital platforms, again available for you to collect also.

A special segment corner of this space, will become a green screen studio, for capturing live performances for NFT art. Brittany Kaiser will be the first international guest, whose life will be turned into integral digital art, launching in Q3 in Dubai & the metaverse. For those still unfamiliar with her story, I recommend “The Great Hack” on Netflix, which now has around 100MM views, revealing the true impact of social media on our lives.

The meta inside the art

Many of you know by now how much effort I put into these artworks, and I’m proud to announce we’ve quietly been working on an AR/VR/AI integrating NFT version of “The Br8ve”, which will drop in a couple of months time. The physical representation of this piece, which took five months to make just into its first…

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