Meet the Kraken Bank Team: Jan Owen

“Why do we want a crypto bank to be licensed?”

For veteran bankers asking that question, the answer may not be found easily – until they speak with Jan Owen, one of Kraken Bank’s Board of Directors. Speaking the same language to regulators, legislators and veterans of the financial services industry is one of the many tools Owen brings to the table.  

If you aren’t familiar with the story – Kraken Bank worked closely with the Wyoming State legislature, helping build from scratch a first-of-its-kind institution and setting in place a clear and functional framework now viewed by many states as a gold standard. 

What you haven’t heard is how Jan brought a depth of regulatory experience to the task, not to mention the confidence of a tough-but-fair straight shooter who believes Kraken’s approach can benefit the future of financial services.

In her decades-long career, Jan has served as commissioner for California’s Department of Corporations, Business Oversight as well as the state’s Department of Financial Institutions. Owen now sees it as a responsibility to use her experience and wisdom to shepherd in this next wave of innovation for the benefit of all Kraken clients.

Please enjoy this interview that Kraken conducted with Jan Owen.  

You have an incredible resume that includes experience in accounting, asset recovery, auditing, budget preparation, benefits administration and financial reporting. Can you tell us about how cryptocurrencies fit into all of those fields as well as the ways you see this technology improving them?

During my time as commissioner, I started to learn more about cryptocurrencies thanks to Jesse Powell and his efforts in educating California’s financial services regulators. Then, I saw my institutions start to dabble in crypto. 

They were curious about how to add crypto to their offerings. They were coming to me asking for education and wanted to know, how do we do this right? How do we protect our customers…

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