Meet the Biggest and Best Blockchain ETFs of 2019

Blockchain has been one of the biggest investing buzzwords in the past two years. Companies have been aggressively innovating with this platform, looking for new applications and the next big break.

This technology doesn’t just touch the future of financial systems. More recently, the auto industry has taken full advantage of this, and there are uses in tracking food, imports and exports, health care records, private transactions and so on. Some of the biggest questions surrounding this technology are where it could expand to next.

Some quick background on the technology: The blockchain is a decentralized, immutable store of information related to certain transactions. The blockchain claims to reduce third-party risk by eliminating intermediaries, such as banks, whose role was to provide (centralized) trust in the system — trust is replaced by immutable data that is not controlled by any party.

Although the hype for the blockchain has subsided recently, the potential for the technology is touted as being nearly unlimited. In the course of choosing where to invest for this theme specifically, there are some likely winners and losers. To mitigate this risk exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer a very easy avenue. has collected much of the information surrounding these ETFs, among others, and made it easily accessible for those looking to get into the game. 24/7 Wall St. has included some of the biggest and best ETFs that fall under this thematic investing umbrella.

It is important to keep in mind that not all ETFs are created equal. Some of them may be full of companies that the public has never heard of, or they may be full of companies that are not U.S.-based and may not even trade on a primary U.S. stock exchange. To complicate things further, some investors might completely disagree that a company that dominates certain ETFs should even be listed within the theme due to its thematic exposure relative to its primary business.


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