Max Keiser: Institutional FOMO Will Lead to Bigger Moves for Bitcoin

Russia Today presenter and one of the first people to publicly endorse Bitcoin (BTC), Max Keiser, has reaffirmed his belief that Bitcoin is going past $100,000. The long-term proponent of the most popular crypto asset stated that institutional investors are likely to drive the price even higher than seen during recent price rallies as “fear of missing out” kicks in amongst those with the deepest pockets.

Keiser also stated that December’s low of $3,200 would serve as the ultimate bottom for BTC. For him, the price will only continue to surge from here as Bitcoin captures a share of more traditional store of values’ markets.

Keiser Bought Bitcoin at a Dollar and is Yet to Sell a Satoshi

Long-term Bitcoin proponent and Russia Today journalist Max Keiser recently appeared on a Kitco News segment discussing the crypto asset space. In town because of New York Blockchain Week being held at the moment, Keiser sported a pristine white suit and impressive Bitcoin tie for the occasion.

He was first asked about where BTC price was heading, to which the crypto evangelist stated that the recent announcement that the Federal Reserve was going to allow permanent quantitative easing was a signal to him that the previous Bitcoin low of $3,200 last December was the ultimate bottom of the market. He refers to the policy as:

“Completely irresponsible, global shenanigans.”

Keiser believes that hunger for a store-of-value asset is growing as the world continues to de-dollarise, and investors seek out alternate ways to protect their wealth. He argues that gold is too manipulated for many. For the RT News presenter, this will ultimately lead to greater demand for Bitcoin:

“To capture a piece of the gold…

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