MARKETS DAILY: Bullish Bitcoin Dreams and a 2019 to Remember

With bitcoin first dipping, then spiking up 10% yesterday, we’re talking market action, new Federal Reserve comments, the challenges of exchange and taking a look at CoinDesk’s annual most influential list…

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  • Our Most Influential People of 2019

On Today’s episode, it’s Bitcoin’s BIg Bounce, DEX’s and CEX’s,  and a look at our Most Influential of 2019 list.

Adam B. Levine: It’s December 19, 2019, and you’re listening to Markets Daily, I’m Adam B. Levine, editor of Podcasts here At Coindesk, along with our senior markets reporter, Brad Keoun, to give you a concise daily briefing on crypto markets and some of the most important news developments in the sector over the past 24 hours.

Adam: We kick things off with Brad, who’s been watching the action in the overnights.


Brad Keoun: December is often a key month in the bitcoin market – it was Dec 2017 when BTC reached its all-time-high of $20k, and it was in Dec of last year that the market bottomed at $3000.

For the past couple weeks, bitcoin’s price charts have been sending bearish signals, with the market trending lower

Piling on, Arcane Research of Norway wrote that the market was registering “extreme fear”

But then on Wednesday, the price suddenly jumped more than $600 for a 10% gain, the most seen in two months

Today, the bitcoin price appears to be down just a touch, currently around $7200

CoinDesk’s Omkar Godbole writes that Wednesday’s spike has neutralized the immediate bearish case, in terms of the signals from price charts, but bitcoin would have to jump another $770 to pass $7,780 to confirm the start of a bullish trend

Adam: Turning to the news, there continues to be a stream of negative pronouncements about…

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