Malicious QR Bitcoin Codes Stole $45,000 in March – BeInCrypto

Security researchers have uncovered nine websites that are using malicious QR codes to scam users of their BTC.

Amid the current chaotic global situation, hackers are inventing new ways to steal BTC from users. A recently uncovered QR code method stole some $45,000 from individuals during the month of March.


Malicious QR Codes

QR codes remain a popular way to transact BTC, but some security researchers are sounding the alarms and telling users to be cautious.

According to findings uncovered by security researcher Harry Denley, nine websites have been exploring QR codes to steal funds. [Hot For Security] These sites create QR codes for users with Bitcoin

The sites are as follows:

• bitcoin-barcode-generator[.]com
• bitcoinaddresstoqrcode[.]com
• bitcoins-qr-code[.]com
• btc-to-qr[.]com
• create-bitcoin-qr-code[.]com
• free-bitcoin-qr-codes[.]com
• freebitcoinqrcodes[.]com
• qr-code-bitcoin[.]com
• qrcodebtc[.]com

There is no reason for users to rely on third-party sites to create QR codes. It can easily be done in most Bitcoin wallets, so this risk can easily be avoided.

Other scams include “Bitcoin transaction accelerators,” which have used a similar tactic. Altogether, the study finds, these accelerators have stolen some 15 BTC so far from users, which comes out to around $100,000 at the time of writing.

Scams Run Rampant

Scams continue to cause a headache for those of us in the cryptocurrency space, so users should always be on alert.

A recent method was uncovered where scammers threatened entire families with…

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