Making NFTs Work in the Wine Industry

WiV understands disadvantages of the old-school financing techniques since its been investing in the wine industry for decades.

Tommy Nordam Jensen and Håkon Harberg, based in Norway, launched WiV in 2018 to address a financing problem the wine industry faces, and is working to modernize the wine ecosystem.

Jensen and Harberg developed an innovative approach to wine investing. WiV is a blockchain-based platform opening the doors to a broad range of new business opportunities.

WiV NFTs: Supercharging Wine as an Investment

Time has proven that these breakthrough technologies already transformed other traditional investment industries like art, real estate, gold, etc. WiV is gradually turning the outdated financial system for wineries and wine investors obsolete.

The WiV platform creates a digital, immutable, reliable counterpart for vineyards’ physical wine using blockchain-based tokens.

Because of its solid background, the team at WiV enjoys credibility and managed to attract investors of all backgrounds obtaining $1.5M+ on a private initial sale back in 2018.

The known unique capabilities of blockchain was itself key to gain trusted investors: tamper-proof identification markers that guarantee ownership to the token holder, on a traceable decentralized public domain platform, was too good to pass by.

Those investors obtained ownership of fine wines stored in bonded warehouses, but mainly valued the ability to trade their assets at a fraction of the cost and time it required before.

Fine wine is a completely tradeable asset, and provenance protection is critical. Provenance is the only method to show a wine’s genuine value without opening the bottle.

With the classic trading rulebook, many wine trades sometimes slow to a halt because of the tedious manual review of paper certificates at every step of the process.

WiV aims to become THE source for Wine collection on the blockchain, and in all Metaverses.

A Little Background on the Wine Industry

Due to the nature of the…

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