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For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by Randy McMillian (@RandyMcMillan), a fellow pleb that I met on “Bitcoin Kindergarten” who has been sharing some good knowledge and wisdom on that show lately.

In this episode, we discussed certain interesting topics in Bitcoin that McMillan is most fond of, including repricing time. One very interesting topic that we got into was ditching the old fiat way of telling time (calendar year) and pursuing a new method: telling time by blocks. This is an interesting concept that I think has already caught on among Bitcoiners on Twitter as I’ve seen ongoing discussions about it. It’s a pretty cosmic idea but definitely not impossible to pull off.

McMillan also shared a project he’s working on, for which he is researching Bitcoin accessibility for the visually impaired. He is currently researching Bitcoin usage for not only the visually impaired, but also the tactile impaired and dyslexic. Bitcoin is for everyone and that obviously includes the partially/fully blind, and McMillan wants to make Bitcoin easy to use for them.

You can support McMillan’s project here.

Below are some of McMillan’s most interest thoughts shared during the interview. And be sure to check out the full episode for more.

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