Make real money with this blockchain game!

Upland is one of the new generation games that uses blockchain for the representation of the ownerships from the players. The game is about trading virtual real estate. The properties are a depiction of the real world and exist as NFT tokens on the EOS mainnet. Upland can be compared with Monopoly.

The game environment has its own currency, the UPX token, which is pegged to the real world US-dollar. 1000 UPX are worth 1 USD: When starting the game, you get 3000 UPX as a bonus and can immediately start looking for interesting properties or buildings. If you use our link for signing up, you’ll get an extra 3000 UPX. At the moment, San Francisco is the only playable town, but over time there will be added a few other cities.

The CryptoTicker team has tested the game and is fascinated by the easy handling. What we particularly like is that you don’t have to deal with the technical characteristics of blockchain technology. That doesn’t mean we aren’t blockchain lovers, but we’re confident that this will make it easier for non-crypto people to enter the upland world.

A feature of EOS accounts is that you can change the key. In the future, players who are familiar with the blockchain and want to manage their accounts by themselves can take over the from Upland administered account with their own public key.

Let’s have a closer look on Upland

At the moment, the game is only playable on mobile devices in the web browser or in the app. We recommend the app, because of the available push notifications that you can receive, when something happens in your game world.

Download the Upland app and get an extra CryptoTicker bonus of 3000 UPX! 

Upland blockchain game
Upland blockchain game

We sign up and confirm our e-mail address. Right at the beginning, we choose the design of our explorer and then start the game.

Upland blockchain game
Upland blockchain game

We’ve chosen the hydrant with a green…

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