Major US Accountancy Firm to Offer More than 1,000 Cryptocurrency Payment Options

The largest accountancy firm in the state of California has announced that it will now accept payments in cryptocurrency. Armanino LLP will allow clients to pay for its services in any one of more than 1,000 digital assets.

Along with the cryptocurrency payment announcement, the firm has said that it is extending its own blockchain explorer platform. This will allow it to offer an even more extensive set of auditing tools for both its own and its clients’ use.

Armanino to Support Cryptocurrency Firms with Double Announcement

Major US accountancy firm Armaninio has just announced that it will now accept payments for its auditing and consulting services using more than 1,000 different cryptocurrencies.

The company has also announced an upgrade to its propriety block explorer, which is moving to a cloud-based system. A press release from Armaninio stated that this will allow for both internal use and use by clients

Armaninio partner and blockchain practice leader, Andries Verschelden, stated the following of today’s double announcement:

“With more fintech companies, banks and brokerages exploring ways to mainstream cryptocurrency, it made sense for Armanino to build the infrastructure necessary to accept cryptocurrency payments for what we expect to be a growing form of payment.”

In the press release, there is no mention of Armaninio using a payment processor like BitPay to offer cryptocurrency payments. The fact that it is expanding its own blockchain explorer to accommodate the move, along with Verschelden’s statement, suggests that the company will be handling crypto assets itself.

This approach is markedly different from that of other high profile cryptocurrency “acceptance”…

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