Looking to Yield Farm on Ethereum? Best Resources to Get You Started

Ethereum’s decentralized finance sector, or DeFi, has seen explosive growth over the past few months. And one of the major dynamics driving this recent growth has been the rise of what’s called yield farming.

So what is it? Yield farming centers around governance tokens, like Compound’s COMP or Curve’s CRV, that are used by DeFi projects to manage their respective protocols. In yield farming campaigns, governance tokens are rewarded to users who supply and use these protocols.

Synthetic assets project Synthetix was one of the first projects to experiment with this kind of campaign back in March 2020, when the team rewarded sUSD liquidity providers on Curve and an earlier rendition of yEarn with Synthetix’s SNX tokens.

However, Compound’s launch of its COMP rewards in the early summertime really catalyzed the phenomenon and paved the way for other projects to follow suit. Since then, yield farming has taken the DeFi arena by storm, with governance tokens like YFI, CRV, BAL, MTA, and more launching out of the gates with these campaigns live, and to much ado.

That said, yield farming is still very young and chances are we’re going to see projects experimenting with this cryptonative bootstrapping method for years to come. It’s hardly too late to learn about and participate in yield farming opportunities, but you’ll want to go into your neo-agricultural endeavors with the best tools possible. To that end, here’s a list of great resources I recommend to any yield farming newcomers.


Created by the developer weeb as a labor of love project, yieldfarming.info is a bare-bones site that you can plug your Ethereum address into in order to easily fetch stats about your ongoing yield farming activities.

The site tracks some of the arena’s biggest rewards opportunities, like the Curve sUSD pool that awards liquidity providers with both SNX and CRV. The resource also has a FUN ZONE, where data can be fetched on riskier and more explicitly…

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