LIVE: CoinDesk Covers the 2020 US Election and Crypto Impact

BK (22:49 ET): Biden wins Illinois, Trump Missouri: CNN.

BK (22:40 ET): CNN calls New Hampshire for Biden; Louisiana, Kansas, Utah, Nebraska for Trump. Electoral tally so far: Biden 98, Trump 95.

SS (22:04 ET):  Betting on Polymarket suggests Trump has 91% chance of winning Texas.

SS (22:00 ET): In the last hour, bettors at Polymarket have President Donald Trump winning the election $0.59 to Biden’s $0.41 up from $0.44 and $0.56 respectively.

ND (21:55 ET): Some prediction markets appear to be swinging toward Trump. The four decentralized markets CoinDesk tracked pretty consistently indicated that Biden would win; late Tuesday night, Augur flipped, as did FTX’s TRUMP and BIDEN tokens.

BK (21:55 ET): CNN calls U.S. Senate seat in Colorado for former Governor John Hickenlooper, flipping Republican seat to Democratic.

BK (21:30 ET): CNN Projects South Carolina, Alabama for Trump. No surprise.

BK (21:30 ET): CNN projects Colorado for Biden. No surprise.

ND (21:20 ET): Cynthia Lummis just won her race for a Senate seat representing Wyoming. This isn’t a surprise – she was clearly favored in the polls once she won her primary race this past summer – and there’s a lot of hope from the crypto industry that she’ll be a hardcore advocate for the space.

BK (21:15): CNN projects Connecticut for Biden, South Dakota for Trump. No surprise.

BK (21:13): CNN making point that Ohio and North Carolina both leaning blue at the moment, could spell trouble for Trump if those hold.

SS (21:09): In the last two hours predictions markets have begun to narrow: Biden at 55% to Trump’s 45%. Next key battleground state, assuming Trump takes for Florida, is Arizona where bettors have flipped Republican in past hour.

BK (21:05 ET): CNN projects New Jersey for Biden, Arkansas for Trump. No surprise.

BK (20:53 ET): Next big slug of polls close in 7 minutes.

SS (20:40 ET): Crypto predictions platform Polymarket is beginning to flash some interesting results. According to the…

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