Litecoin[LTC] and Bitcoin[BTC] price predictions: the top altcoins will go green soon

At present, Litecoin is ranked at #4 on coinmarketcap. The price of LTC rests at $117.20 after trading in the red zone for a long while. The circulating supply is comprised of 62,482,976 LTC coins. The trading volume recorded is at $5.070 billion in the course of the last 24-hours.

The total market cap for Litecoin is $7.323 billion. There was an alert by Charlie Lee, the Founder of Litecoin:

 Analysts have stated that this was the pullback they had referred to earlier on. When the coin was moving up in price, these men and women had asked people to be patient.

In the course of the last day, the value of Bitcoin had fallen by more than 10%. The price of BTC as of now is $10,253.81 according to data on coinmarketcap. The drop percentage has gone down to 7.16%.

However, there is some good news as well:

A 113% boost was observed ever since the hashrate for Bitcoin had started growing last December.

Hashrate essentially signifies the speed of a transaction, or any other process taking place on a blockchain. 68,638,992 trillion hashes per second were recorded as the rate during the end of June.

For Ethereum and Litecoin, the hashrates were, 174.7 TH/s and 434.6 TH/s. This shows the difference in terms of dominance when it comes to Bitcoin, which presides over the market.

Using these numbers as the basis of predicting price trends is asinine. As the prices goes up, hashrates improve too. Chris DeRose of Counterparty Foundations says, “As there are many miners, there will be more hashing…”

These points prove that Bitcoin…

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