Litecoin price might rebound above $72 according to analysts

Litecoin price did not see a throughput in price that was expected after the block halving. Litecoin couldn’t be held responsible but this crypto coin isn’t designed the same way as Bitcoin (BTC).

Litecoin price dropped to seventy-two ($72) dollars and has been on a downward spiral. At the time of writing, Litecoin goes out for seventy dollars ($70.60). The twenty-four (24) hour for LTC amounts to two billion dollars ($2,776,979,612) while the market cap for Litecoin is valued at four billion dollars ($4,464,159,298).

The Seattle based crypto startup, Strix Leviathan, conducted a research in which they highlighted that the crypto assets that have gone through block halving, have outperformed their peers (which didn’t get to go through the same process) in the market.

Litecoin price will rebound and history supports it

While Bitcoin can foresee a promising halving, event followed by a price fluctuation in the cryptocurrency’s standing value, Litceoin price took a recent turn down the memory lane. LTC dropped to it fifty (50) week moving average (MA). Crypto analyst CL stated that the last time this happened, Bitcoin also dipped for a short time. We might see LTC price stabilizing after BTC halving.

Another fellow analyst, Nebrakskan Gooner, thinks the same but has higher hopes for LTC. According to him, the downward trend initiated from June has been broken and all that’s left for LTC now, os to move up to seventy-nine dollars ($79).

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