Litecoin [LTC], Signs of a raging storm? – Sentiment Analysis – April 10

There is a very strange phenomenon happening in the crypto space currently, after they unrevealed mystery partnership news. Verge has continued to remain a mystery leaving behind questions unanswered and doubts unclarified.

When the entire market is dripping in red, it is good to see some green sunlight and Verge is the winner here. Today’s Hero in the crypto world, XVG has not stopped soaring since the last 7 days with an approximate gain of 32% in its volume. A few weeks ago, Verge was just below the top 20 coins, standing at 22 and has climbed up to the 19th position. The prices have been increased further with the current trading value at $0.08 and a market cap of $1.19 billion.

Verge is evidently proving that it is no less than the other assets and it is the time people stop underestimating this coin, claims a market analyst.

Jeremy Cornell, an XVG holder says:

“A future with Verge is a future full of privacy, simplicity and easy. They have all the necessary tools for mass adoption, this is a company to back and hold. Great response and wonderful management skill at the public.”

Kristen, a Twitterati said:

“Teamwork! Collaborations! Community! Solidarity! Verge family. Playbook of a successful currency, Verge.”

The market with Bitcoin and Ethereum is on a steady downtrend, whereas Verge as one of the very few coins doing well with more than 80% rise in the last 30 days. This was the coin that was frequently undermined being called a scam coin in the market.

According to a recent post from Medium, Verge has solved a Blockchain vulnerability in record time:

Last week, Verge Currency stepped into the spotlight of a targeted attack, resulting in a solution which required an intended hard fork to occur. The exploit was associated with one of the mining algorithms — Scrypt and other cryptocurrencies; such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, and several others have also unfolded very similar attacks.

Verge has proven itself to operate and react the way any reliable top contender should when such challenges pop up. In the past, the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies took weeks to solve their issues, while Verge did it within a record time of 72 hours along with prepared updates for the wallets.

Jose Davis, a Verge enthusiast tweeted:

“Reddcoin to the moon quite soon, time to buy today! Verge has been my best coin recovery since the crash and the hacked fud barley even put a dent in the positions I took out earlier it’s gonna be “the” Stable coin.