Litecoin (LTC) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Could Lose Their Positions Before 2019

Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are similar in a lot of ways. Both coins came into existence to compete with Bitcoin (BCH) as a better alternative. However, the past few months have clearly shown us that Bitcoin is still the unchallengeable monarch of the crypto world and any coins or projects that have nothing else to offer except for attempting to knock down Bitcoin will have a hard time surviving. I’m sure a lot of Litecoin fans will say, “Litecoin is addressing a different market” and will come up with different analogies like the famous analogy of Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee who compares Bitcoin to a busy highway with lots of traffic and Litecoin to a less crowded highway with low traffic. The problem with such statements is that they do not last for long. Six months back you could say that Litecoin transactions are faster than that of Bitcoin but now you cannot say the same thing. In time, you will not be able to say Litecoin transactions are less costly or less crowded than that of Bitcoin. That is very logical to expect when you consider that Bitcoin dominates more than 40% of the crypto market and has the most experienced developers working on it.

Litecoin Chart With Values

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has a similar but even riskier future. It is the fourth largest coin by market cap at the time of writing. I believe Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could lose its position earlier than Litecoin. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into existence as a hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC) and has ever since been projecting itself as a better, more advanced alternative of Bitcoin. Some people love to compare Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to Google and Yahoo but I just don’t think there is much substance to that analogy. As time goes by and Bitcoin resolves most of its problems, the need for such spin off coins is decreasing by the day. How Bitcoin Cash (BCH) still holds its position as the fourth largest coin by market cap is beyond my understanding.

The recent turn of events in the market has made investors a lot cautious. Even those used to chanting “to the moon” and “when lambo, sir?” are now extra careful when they try to invest in cryptocurrencies. The last few weeks have shown us what coins people are early to pick up as soon as they see signs of a recovery and what coins they are ready to dump the fastest as soon as they see signs of a fall. These are powerful indicators of what coins investors are trying to gather long term. According to our research in the past few weeks, we have seen that investors are the most eager to pick up Cardano (ADA) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) among other coins. This is no surprise when you consider the strong fundamentals of these projects. More surprisingly, Cardano (ADA) is currently the 6th largest and Stellar (XLM) is the 7th largest coin by market cap and would require little to no effort to take on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) most likely before 2019.