Listing November 24: Three New Trading Assets (KEEP, TBTC, ANT) and One New Staking Asset (KSM)

Looking for new investments, trade opportunities or ways to earn staking rewards? We’re excited to list 4 new assets starting November 24 at approximately 13:30 UTC.

New Trading Assets

Keep (KEEP) – The Keep Network is a privacy layer for Ethereum that allows users and applications to store data privately by creating a trustless bridge between a public blockchain and private data. It uses off-chain containers for private data called “keeps” to securely encrypt and store private data. The network randomly assigns keeps to a system of participants, called signers, that help store and manage these data containers.

tBTC (TBTC) – tBTC is an Ethereum (ERC-20) token that is backed 1:1 by bitcoin, and the first application built on the Keep Network. What sets tBTC apart from other BTC-backed Ethereum tokens (like wBTC) is that it is trustless and non-custodial. When tBTC is minted in exchange for BTC, there is no need for a centralized trusted custodian of the BTC. Instead, the private keys of the BTC are stored in encrypted off-chain containers of the Keep Network. Although tBTC is “pegged” to BTC, keep in mind that Kraken’s tBTC markets are open, allowing tBTC value to diverge from BTC value.

Aragon (ANT) – Aragon is an app built on the Ethereum protocol that allows anyone to easily create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Aragon comes with many of the most commonly needed administrative functions built-in, enabling new organizational structures to be created very quickly. Aragon-based DAOs have become the new standard for “Minimal Viable Governance” (MVG), and are ideal for projects that want to leapfrog over governance design and get more quickly to other tasks like product design. ANT is Aragon’s governance token. 

New Staking Assets

Kusama (KSM) – KSM was listed for trading on Kraken in September. We are now adding support for staking with a reward of 12% yearly. Kusama’s protocol serves as a…

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