[Lightning Network] Tippin button to get Bitcoin tips on your own web/blog/whatever, through LN (UPDATE) : Bitcoin

Hi all!

A few months back, I released this button as an option to receive Lightning Network tips on your Tippin account easily: You sign up at Tippin, you copy the button code & paste it on your web, and you are all set.

However, there were some bugs and incompatibilities that should be fixed with this update. Also, now there is a *Dark mode*, in case the pink button was a little too much for your web color scheme.

Here you have a short video showing the new design: https://twitter.com/tippin_me/status/1199798669211578368
(The updated code is live on Tippin.me)

Hope you enjoy it!

PS: As a bonus, know that if you have your own node linked to Tippin (A beta feature announced from time to time), you will be receiving those tips on your own node, by just placing this button whenever you want!

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