Libra Association Members Still Helping Each Other As Bison Trails Securing $25 Million Funding

Facebook’s Libra project appears to be in the throes of a massive regulatory battle as, globally, there are many concerns. More so, the Association, which initially consisted of 21 members, has been trimmed down as some major players in the realms of payment and other sectors have pulled out.

While the project hangs in the balance, those Association Members that remain have managed to make the headlines with their own news still. The latest Member, Bison Trails, which is a company that provides secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure for multiple blockchain networks, has secured a $25.5MM Series A round of financing.

 Blockchain Capital led the investment round, with participation from Kleiner Perkins and Coinbase, joined by Collaborative Fund, A Capital, Consensys, and Sound Ventures, as well as early investors Initialized, Accomplice, Galaxy Digital, and Notation.

Bison Trails is looking to position itself in an arena where entire blockchain ecosystems are being developed, and it removes the need for customers to spend resources on developing in-house security, DevOps, infrastructure, and blockchain protocol engineering competencies.

Be bold enough

Blockchain technology is approaching a new era in the enterprise space. It was not too long ago that many different major enterprises were just starting their journey with the technology, experimenting, and piloting. However, now these same copies have reached a place where they are looking for more, and in these instances, the likes of Bison Trails can come in.

“When we started building Bison Trails, we wanted to bring transparency and ease to entrepreneurs bold enough to build in a decentralized ecosystem, investors wise enough to back a nascent market, and enterprises courageous enough to commit to a technological inevitability like blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,” said Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails.

“We have become the easiest way to run infrastructure…

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