Leveraged Crypto Futures Trading With a Regulated Exchange

Bityard is a crypto futures platform that offers flexible leverage options, and super fast transactions. It is based in Singapore and is regulated in the USA, Australia, and Estonia.

The cryptocurrency markets are developing rapidly, and there are more options for investors who want to trade in crypto derivatives. Bityard’s mission is to create secure, simple, and fast crypto-asset trading services for people all over the world.

Bityard is becoming a global name in crypto contracts that offers its services to people in over 150 countries. Bityard sticks firmly to the “Complex Contracts Simple Trade” typical principle and strives to offer the most streamlined trading experience to clients.

Like many exchanges that deal with crypto futures, it is easy to open an account with Bityard. There aren’t any complex KYC requirements, and you can get to trading with just a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at what Bityard is all about, and why it could be a good crypto derivatives exchange for you.

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Cryptocurrency Contract Trading With Bityard

Crypto trading sounds familiar but what about the term “cryptocurrency contract trading”?

A cryptocurrency contract is a type of derivatives trading where you can have a margin account and trade with leverage. Instead of buying and holding the underlying asset, you can enter a position that tracks the value of the underlying assets and potentially profit when it’s going up or down.

This is the same way that cash-settled futures contracts work, and it is widely used by investors and speculators of all types. Futures contracts offer some bit advantages to traders, and the ability to use leverage is a benefit to anyone who wants to magnify the market’s gains and losses.

Bityard Features

Bityard’s platform is set up for trading and built to be fast and reliable. Here are some of the things that it offers investors and speculators that want to trade in crypto contracts.


Trading is, of course, one of the most…

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