Leveller Media is using Ethereum to solve Hollywood’s diversity problem

Tech entrepreneur Eric Vonfeldt’s previous startup, Predictive Media, combined machine learning and historical data sets to predict the chances of success for a creative project. 

While working on the venture, Vonfeldt discovered that independent projects were less likely to be funded compared to those that worked within Hollywood’s studio system. Niche entertainment projects face hurdles and women directors are rare.

To rectify matters, Vonfeldt started Leveller Media, a platform for independent and creative professionals. Their first product, a digital investing platform, will be launched within the next “six to 12 months,” according to Vonfeldt.

The platform plans to solicit submissions from creators all over the world to “return diversity to storytelling.” Hollywood’s old guard is represented at Leveller Media by advisor Marty Katz, a former executive vice president at Disney. 

Matching creators with investors

The platform’s functioning is simple. Creators can upload their project details and terms and conditions for investment onto the platform, and machine learning software will match them with investors. Creators will also have access to a distribution channel for their final product. “The idea is to have an easier conduit for creators to have the distribution channels, if they don’t already have them,” Vonfeldt told Decrypt.   

Leveller Media’s platform uses the technological underpinning from Vonfeldt’s previous startup. “Blockchain and tokenization […] was the perfect perspective to look at these [independent] projects and help creators get funding,” he says.  

Vonfeldt says their platform will change the existing state of affairs by “aligning incentives between creators and investors.” That alignment occurs through the use of tokens, planned for launch at a future date, in financing independent projects. The tokens are used to fund each project and also act as an investment tool. 

The Ethereum blockchain…

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