let’s start from the basics

When I normally talk to people about cannabis, the first reaction they have is a suspicious glance to see what’s behind them. Most of them are scared that others may hear them talking about this “dangerous topic”.

Since a couple of years I have been deepening my knowledge about therapeutic applications of Cannabis. I have some friends of mine that are cultivating legal cannabis for fiber and structural purposes and I then discovered that the market is bigger than I expected.

Cannabis and Blockchain something to think about

Well, let’s start from the beginning. I guess everybody knows about the Cannabis recreational effect, which is responsible for a sort of demonization of this plant. For this purpose, Cannabis is usually smoked, losing the most part of active principles.

The industrial application for Hemp and its derivatives was the Ford Cannabis: in 1937 this prototype was finished, and the car structure was made by a material obtained from soy and hemp seeds. Fuel was hemp’s ethanol. To test its integrity and strength, Henry Ford hit the car with a hammer, with no harms caused to the chassis. It seems quite contemporary as a test, isn’t it?

Anyway, hemp has even other purposes: its fiber is still used for nautical ropes thanks to its low weight and high resistance to traction. Hemp fiber is also used for clothes production: it has been found that hemp clothes are among the best for their hypoallergenic quality.

Hemp fiber takes part also in the construction of fully sustainable houses, thanks to a mixture of hemp, lime and water. Lime calcifies, providing the necessary structural requirements to the house. No concrete to be produced for these houses, a great thermal insulation and just a small maintenance to keep fiber attached. No wastes produced to build these constructions.

Other great applications are for food and of course, therapeutic purposes. Hemp flour is great for celiacs and to reduce the amount of refined flour that we usually eat….

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