Leaked Taylor Swift Phone Call Completely Vindicates Kanye West

  • After Taylor Swift broke her silence on the full leaked phone call with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian responded Monday night.
  • Kim conclusively blew Taylor Swift’s arguments out of the water, though she did overreach by calling Swift “self-serving” amid coronavirus.
  • It sounds like Taylor Swift is the one who wrote the B-word lyric. She gave Kanye the idea for it in the phone call.

As a proud Nashville native, this is difficult to write. I feel duty-bound to defend Taylor Swift’s honor against those California two-party wiretap law violating Kardashian-Wests. But as a West for President 2024 supporter, I want to go into damage control for Kim and Ye.

Those conflicting biases wash out though, and what follows is an objective analysis of the Kanye West-Taylor Swift feud that just boiled over again.

It’s not looking pretty for Miss Americana.

Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Taylor Swift

After a full video leaked of the phone conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, the pop singer claimed vindication.

She said it’s proof that Kim Kardashian basically lied. Swift called the video “edited and manipulated” to “frame” her and put her through hell:

Source: Instagram

But Kim Kardashian says Taylor Swift is the liar.

Because Taylor Swift’s big “gotcha” of the video is that Kanye West says:

It has a very controversial line at the beginning of the song about you.

And Swift asks:

Well, is it going to be mean?

To which Kanye answers:

No, I don’t think it’s mean.

And discloses the line is:

I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex.

The sweet country music star laughs and replies:

Haha, that’s not mean…. I thought it was going to be like, that stupid, dumb b*tch, but it’s not.

Of course, when Kanye dropped “Famous,” he does call Taylor “that b*tch.”

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.
Why? I made that b*tch famous. I made that b*tch famous.

But as Kim Kardshian points out, this is no “gotcha” moment.

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