LATOKEN lists Spartron, Telemedicoin, Ultranet, BeFaster, Algae Farm and 2local

Spartron (IRON)

Spartron is a next-generation platform for iGaming, gambling, and sports betting. We utilize the TRON Network blockchain to introduce a new layer of live dealer casino gaming for a fun, fast, provably fair and immersive gaming experience. A combination of blockchain technology, live dealer gaming, and our own native cryptocurrencies will position Spartron as the future of TRON-based gambling DApps.

Telemedicoin (MDH)

MediHash application is a comprehensive medical platform integrated with the network in blockchain technology allowing for unlimited and decentralized exchange of information between patients and medical institutions. Trained neural networks may independently give a diagnosis based on directly obtained anonymized data, whereas blockchain technology is the key in the provision of absolute decentralization and safety. The application will also be used in mobile behavioral therapy established in consultation with renowned specialists in many medical disciplines.

Ultranet (ULTR)

Ultranet is the first blockchain marketplace, where all orders are end-to-end encrypted and listings can’t be taken down or censored. A marketplace that is fully-decentralized, where all data is preserved as long as a single node somewhere in the world is running the software. It’s built on a new type of blockchain written from-scratch in Go, and it introduces a native hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency called Ultra, which can be purchased anonymously using Bitcoin in minutes through the app’s built-in decentralized exchange.

BeFaster (BFCH)

BeFaster a decentralized fitness and lifestyle application on the Tron Blockchain with a unique RUN for CASH system. BeFaster has a mass adaptive effect on the entire crypto and blockchain industry due to its unique economic system and ease of use.

Algae Farm (BIOG)

Algae Farm® is a disruptive intellectual property and technology includes systems and processes that continuously produce high yield, reliable, predictable, scalable, and sustainable algae biomass in an indoor climate-controlled environment. The biomass has “algae” oil intact. This oil contains chemicals such as EPA, DHA, and others that can be used as a contributory part of high-value algae-derived products such as Omega3 based nutraceuticals.

2local (L2L)

Platform 2local is tapping into banking to support sustainability and prosperity. It offers a smart marketplace to connect consumers and companies that produce local and sustainable goods and services. The unique cashback system, decentralized multi-currency digital wallets, and the L2L coins are designed to rise in value and therefore create prosperity for their members.

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