ALLEX is aiming to spread STO not only in the Philippines and Japan but also in developing countries, mainly the Asia Pacific and South American. ALLEX is working to create the world’s first security token standard. Beginning with ST issuance, management, settlement, and related operations, the startup wants to provide solutions for KYC/AML for security token exchanges.


We provide a complete tourism platform that provides tourists with various services for travel, from booking tours and lodgings to withdrawing currency from their destinations. In order to pioneer a new paradigm in the global tourism industry, we will establish nodes of the BTour Chain in tourist cities around the world. Each node collects tourism-related data such as tourist information and consumption information through the installed tourism smart device and provides tourism big data service.


The award-winning PREDIQT platform, with access to 50+ million consumers and global partners, is a marketplace for the largest asset in the world — consumer data. The PREDIQT data collection App has already 100K+ downloads with some of the largest companies in the world purchasing data.

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