LATOKEN lists BitBay, Sense, PIVX, Divi, COUN, 2local and MegaFan

BitBay (BAY)

We are proud to announce a brand new value protection feature for BitBay, one that has yet to be seen in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s called Dynamic Peg. With this unique and flexible system of liquidity control, BAY now serves as both a medium of exchange and a store of value for investors. The Dynamic Peg is purely decentralized, non-asset-backed, and most importantly, a democratic system. It reduces volatility, without anchoring the price to any one point.

Sense (SENSE)

Sense Chat is a social messenger with blockchain enhanced security and encryption. SENSE tokens help secure the network, prevent bots and spam, promote content and reward contributors. Users can earn and spend SENSE tokens for their actions in the application, creating an in-network economy. SENSE tokens are easily portable and can be utilized in any application built with EOSIO technology. Sense Chat is an application available on major mobile platforms.


PIVX is a pioneer in Proof of Stake (PoS) technology and an MIT licensed, open-source, a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency focused on achieving fungibility, transaction privacy, community governance, network scalability, and real-world utilization to become one of the most technically advanced globally-accepted online digital currency.

Divi (DIVI)

Divi is a proof of stake blockchain secured by masternodes. The inventor of the first genuinely one-click masternode, Divi provides users with a diverse set of opportunities to earn, spend, and transact with digital currency.


COUN Chain pursues ‘standardization’ and ‘unmanned’ logistics in the coming logistics 4.0 era. In the case of standardization, they are to realize an optimized logistics process by establishing a blockchain-based supply chain from the procurement of products to the last mile section, the last step of final delivery of goods to production and consumers. More details here.

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