LATOKEN Holds 2nd Round of the IEO for Universe Coin

Universe Coin announces a collaboration agreement with a leading real estate developer in Portugal and the relaunch of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in partnership with the exchange LATOKEN.

Universe Coin is a Lisbon-based start-up whose project aims to bring the world of cryptocurrencies into the real world through an innovative payment system.

Thus, among other things, the project includes a terminal and a payment app, usable in both physical stores and online shopping. The terminal will allow merchants around the world to sell products and services in their local currency, and buyers to use cryptocurrency to pay for their purchases.

The company announces the relaunch of the IEO at LATOKEN exchange, at a time when the payment terminal is entering the market fully operational, for payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum and UNIS, its own cryptocurrency. The platform continues to be developed in parallel with the same solution for online sales. According to the project, it is yet another investment opportunity for the growing number of cryptocurrency fans, now with a 50% bonus. Meanwhile, partnerships with companies in several areas have started, in which payment terminals are already installed. Universe Coin now announces a new high-value partnership in the strategic sector that is real estate.

Thus, as a result of its constant research to bring innovative solutions to the market, Universe Coin now presents a set of competitive advantages that will allow cryptocurrency users to obtain Golden Visas, through investment in premium properties, in Portugal.

This solution will allow investors to have a European residence and passport, travel freely and access the European market, with the possibility of property management, guaranteed annual profitability and a set of many other advantages, such as:
• Easy and transparent process.
• The freedom to travel visa-free across 100+ countries.
• Portuguese citizenship programmes grant you and your family access to world-class schools and universities, as well as access to top medical care.
• Free circulation in the Schengen Area
• Clear path to European Citizenship
• Your immediate family will also qualify
• Very short Stay Requirement in Portugal
• Tax-friendly regimes for non-habitual residents.
• Option to maximise efficiency in your tax affairs for 10 years
• Cheaper than other European alternatives
• Security of a second residency in a safe and stable country

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