Large-Scale Data Infrastructure Provider Compute North Launches 100+ Megawatts Facility in Kearney, Nebraska

Compute North, an established provider of high-powered, large-scale data infrastructure, recently revealed that it has launched its biggest co-location facility in Kearney, Nebraska. The new data center facility is the company’s third site. Other sites are based in Texas and South Dakota. Compute North’s latest data center is reportedly its “highest power offering to date.”

As mentioned in a press release shared with Crowdfund Insider:

“The Kearney facility will offer 100 megawatts of power to support large-scale data operations and to serve as a critical location for expanding upon the blockchain and hosting infrastructure.”

The facility has been created specifically for handling “large-capacity” consumers with more than 1MW of requirements by “delivering accessible, affordable, reliable and secure collocation” to users throughout the world.

The facility’s power and high connectivity with the relatively low energy costs of running the operation make it capable of effectively handling blockchain platforms, machine learning technologies, and cryptocurrency mining.

Compute North CEO, Dave Perrill, stated:

“Our new Nebraska hosting site is already more than two-thirds committed and is continuing to ramp up quickly. We are very excited to be a part of the Kearney community as we continue to deliver scalable, fast deployment data center solutions that help organizations drive maximum ROI.”

As noted in the release:

“With a combined 20+ years of executive experience running similar operations, the technical experts at Compute North know how to deliver high-scale, highly available colocation solutions for blockchain infrastructure.” 

These solutions will drive the future demands of enterprises that aim to quickly grow and adapt while working in a stable environment. Compute North houses all related processes and infrastructure in one location. This helps to reduce risk and significantly reduce unnecessary expenditures.

The increased market demand…

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