Kristina Yee (YC ’89), Marketing Strategist for Blockchain, FinTech, AML, RPA, Fraud, and Cybersecurity – The Politic

Kristina Yee is a consultant at M4 Associates, providing market research, product strategy, and competitive analysis to clients including BMC, ChangeTip, GigaOM, Economist Intelligence Unit, Lunyr, and She previously worked as a senior analyst for Aite Group, focusing on cybersecurity, fraud, identity management, RPA, AML, cloud computing services and infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. In the realm of cryptocurrency, her clients as Vice President of Marketing at Authy included Coinbase,, Ripple, and Cryptsy. Ms. Yee earned a B.A. from Yale in English and Film Studies, previously serving as a Yale Class Secretary and Board Member of the Association of Asian American Yale Alumni.

Tell me about your work!

I am a cloud computing services and financial technology (FinTech) research analyst, marketer, and strategic advisor. I work with all types of enterprise companies and B2B2C providers with a particular affinity for FinTech not just blockchain and bitcoin– and I have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Up until recently, I lived in San Francisco, in Silicon Valley, but recently I moved back at East.

How did you start in the industry 15 years ago?

You know, I fell into it by accident actually. I was working in marketing at a top three interactive marketing agency, CKS Partners. USWeb, which was a top-five web development shop in the 90s focused more on technology, bought CKS Partners. From there, we became both a design and a programming shop. We were handling Levi’s,, USRobotics and the entire Apple marketing services account from advertising to office design to packaging, store environments and website development. That was in the early days of the multi-colored iMacs, believe it or not. [laughing]

But because we were in Silicon Valley, we worked with a lot of technology companies: 3Com, Motorola, etcetera. I was put on a couple of financial services accounts like Wells Fargo and Visa. Then I took a lead…

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