Klaytn Governance Council Driving Blockchain Disruption in Asia

Klaytn, whose mainnet launched in June of this year, combines the best features of both public blockchains (decentralized data and control) and private blockchains (low latency and high scalability) via an efficient hybrid design. With a mission to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain, it focuses on empowering businesses to offer readily-usable blockchain services with responsiveness and robustness on par with those based on legacy technologies, so as to remove adoption hurdles.

To that end, Klaytn is joining forces with Asia’s largest enterprises as part of its Governance Council, including LG Electronics, Netmarble, Binance, and Axiata Digital that have operated popular services and products accruing millions of global users. Undertaking the platform ownership, the Council dedicates itself to improving the platform’s transparency and trust as well as developing user-friendly blockchain services.

The inaugural gathering of this Council took place in Seoul, Korea today to kick-start the Council’s translation into Asia’s de-facto enterprise blockchain consortium.

First, Klaytn provided the Council members with the functional guidance and tools on operating consensus nodes and partaking in governance, as they are key decision makers for Klaytn’s major business and technical agenda.

The Council members then presented how they are leveraging Klaytn to grow their blockchain business and build market awareness. UnionBank of the Philippines introduced its strategic initiative towards vitalizing the blockchain market in Southeast Asia, while a China-based mobile marketing platform Yeahmobi introduced its decentralized advertising solution. WeMade, Neoply, and Gumi also showcased their blockchain game services that are set to roll out early next year.

Additionally, the Council members explored inter-company, cross-regional opportunities to together realize greater synergies for business momentum. Considering Asia’s lively blockchain market with its…

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